White Glove Delivery Service

Clients expect more. Year on year customers are demanding and receiving better service not just at the point of sale but in after care too. The low-cost overnight carriers simply are not designed for careful handling of fragile goods or added value service. There are countless horror stories of flat screen TV’s being sent in hope and getting destroyed on overnight services. The reasons overnight services are inappropriate are two-fold. First, they are deliberately focused on track and trace at the lowest possible cost and involve too many people. That is a minimum of seven low-paid highly pressurized people expected to care about your cherished item.

White glove delivery services which can operate with one or two drivers depending on the size of the packages differ in several ways. Mostly only one driver and his mate handle the packages. He or they, make both the collection, then driving to the customers’ home and the delivery to the room of choice. The slight variations on that are where the collection and delivery are by the same firm at the same location, but split the responsibility for collection and delivery.

Either way, the involvement with the end customer is a close interaction and any problem with loss, damage or carelessness is handled by a face to face encounter with a customer who cares. A combination of good methods, cargo specific training for handling and customer service training that is reinforced by end customer approval or dissatisfaction results in very high service levels and very low damage rates.

The basic model can be enhanced. In many cases, the white glove delivery service is backed with a storage service. The end of the manufacturing process delivers the goods to the distribution point. There is inspection prior to dispatch and minimal opportunity for damage. Online retailers are increasingly choosing while white glove delivery services that cost a little more.

They do so because their reputation matters and they can add in valued services like delivery to room of choice rather than the door step, packaging waste removal, old product removal and disposal and assembly. Palm Coast Mover offers the best white glove delivery services that come with reasonable service rates and prices. Our company is always ready and willing to help and assist our clients with their delivery needs. We guarantee our clients that they will never be disappointed with the quality of our services. If you want to know and learn more about our delivery services, please feel free to visit our website and we would be happy to help you in the best way we can. With the help of Moving Companies Palm Coast FL, we assure you that you will get top quality huge glove delivery services you are looking for.

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